My first H1 Heading

Dear Customer,


Marlon here.

You've heard that thoughts are things?

It's Law of Attraction 101.

There is an Info Marketing Law of Attraction most people don't understand and maybe have never heard of.

Let’s dive into it piece by piece and you’ll see what I mean:

1.  The only limits on your income..

When you're in the Info Products Business, the only limits on your income are between your ears.

Because the only thing between you and money is the OFFER.

This is the most awesome thing about the Info Products Business! 

In other businesses, if you come up with a great offer, fulfilling the offer can take an enormous investment of money.

For example, a real estate developer comes up with a great offer he knows people will snap up like hotcakes.

There’s going to be a huge investment of capital to take the picture in his or her head and translate it into real life.

Maybe my local pizza guy or gal comes up with an idea for deep dish enchiladas that are an add-on to pizza orders.

He or she has to buy new equipment for ‘em, train employees and so forth.

But in the Info Product Business, the value is NOT in bits and bytes.  It’s in the END RESULT you deliver to the client.

That is all.

If you can create a result, you can get paid royally.

It’s all about the offer.

Here’s An Example
Of An Easy $10,000 Sale

One of my friends met a guy who at the time had a lead-pipe cynch method for getting traffic from articles.  And he had a lot of proof.

My friend charged people $20 (to eliminate tire kickers) to get on a call. All he did was log into the accounts, show the proof.  And explain that the system with training was $10,000.

People stood to gain far, far, far more than $10,000.

So he sold a boatload of them on short calls.  He didn’t even have to be on the call a long time to sell it.

A Great Offer Finances Itself

In the Info Business, a great offer self-finances ads or anything you need for expansion.

It pays for affiliates, photographers, and content creation.

Just like my example above.  When you’re banging out $10,000 sales right and left, you can afford a lot of ads or photographers FAST.

A great offer finances its own promotion.

Here’s another benefit:

You don't have all the funding problems with buildings, inventory and such. OMG. Inventory will drive you nuts because of the cash flow drag.

The Info Business has almost no cash flow drag.

The only drag is between your ears in coming up with an offer that gets you paid more. It's your self-imposed limit on understanding what offer will sell and how to present that offer to the people who will buy it.

Funnels are great. But a funnel without offers people want is like a Sushi bar without customers who eat Sushi.

Every other business in the world requires massive investments to fund and extend larger offers.

In the info business, the only real limit is between your ears.

If you want to be able to create offers without limits, remove the lid on your income, and create unlimited offers with info products, thus freeing you from the time for dollars trap, I’ll be releasing a video soon.

Here’s Another Fascinating Example

One of my favorite stories is George W. Haylings.

A couple of his old books are free on Amazon

Here are the chapters in one of them:

What he did back in the Depression days was collect info on odd and unusual businesses people were making money with.

He wrote a newsletter about them and sold individual manuals on each business.

Even in the hardest of times, people make money in the Info Business by coming up with an attractive offer.

The only limit is your imagination.

It’s between your ears.

That’s why thoughts are things.

It’s the Marketer’s Law of Attraction.

You come up with the idea.

You create the offer.

You get paid for your offer.

You buy things.

Your thoughts become things.